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Russian classes online

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Bridge to Russian - Learn Russian and have fun.

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  • The best way to learn Russian!


    The Russian language is becoming more popular in the world, and understanding it will open new perspectives and horizons to you. For example, you will be able to appreciate Russian literature and operas in their original language, and you can communicate more effectively as you travel across much of Asia and Europe.

    You have already taken the first step on your journey by coming to my site. The second step is a no obligation, free trial lesson with me so we can learn more about each other. You can tell me your goals and needs for learning the Russian language, and I will explain my manner of teaching. And then we will embark on a fascinating voyage into the world of the Russian language and culture (because they are inextricably linked).

    Hola! Me llamo Galiya y soy  profesora del idioma Ruso. Me encanta el idioma Ruso y disfruto enseñarlo. Vivo en Astaná, la capital de Kazajstán. Me gusta de viajar y discubre nuevos lugares y conocer gente interesante.
    Mis estudiantes dicen que Ruso es muy preciso, hermoso e interesante, pero muy difícil, y es así - aprender una lengua extranjera es muy difícil. Lo sé, porque recientemente empecé a aprender Español. Por eso entiendo los esfuerzos que enfrentan y puedo apoyarles a superarlos.
    Estaría encantada de ayudarles a entender y amar mi idioma precioso.

    I promise that it will not be boring, and if you really want to learn Russian language online, it can be easy. Lesson by lesson, we will go together through the wilds of the Russian grammar and levels, through the forest of rules, avoiding the traps of exceptions. I will always be close to you; I will help you and encourage you.

    And gradually you will begin to understand the richness and beauty of the Russian language, its logic and structure. Then one morning you will just wake up and notice that you are thinking (and perhaps even dreaming!) in Russian!

    My main focus is teaching YOU the Russian language, not teaching the RUSSIAN language to you, if that makes sense. I will not rush you. We will move at a pace which is comfortable to you. I use a variety of teaching materials to keep our lessons interesting and engaging.

    I love teaching Russian because my students are all very different and interesting people. Each student is from a different part of the world, so I can learn about different countries, customs, traditions, and cultures from them. As I teach them Russian, they teach me about the world.

    And when they begin to understand me, and then SPEAK in Russian, it is so amazing and exciting! It is like a small miracle, and I have been seeing this miracle with my students for the last 16 years!

    If you want to start learning Russian online, but do not know how to start... if you have studied Russian and simply want to improve... or if you want to speak and read Russian perfectly, you have found the site you need! 

    Contact me and get started today! Espero sus mensajes con gran anticipación.
    My Skype is Galiya Suleimenova Call Me

    My number in WhatsApp Messenger is +7-771-899-6417  


    For anyone who loves the Russian Language and Russian Literature, I offer the best works of Russian classical Literature in Russian and English Languages. Every two weeks I will post a new text for reading. Let's begin with the story of Anton Chekhov "The Wager". I hope it will be useful and interesting for you to read and understand the best masters of Russian literature.


    А. П. ЧЕХОВ  "ПАРИ"


    Была темная, осенняя ночь. Старый банкир ходил у себя в кабинете из угла в угол и вспоминал, как пятнадцать лет тому назад, осенью, он давал вечер. На этом вечере было много умных людей и велись интересные разговоры. Между прочим говорили о смертной казни. Гости, среди которых было немало ученых и журналистов, в большинстве относились к смертной казни отрицательно. Они находили этот способ наказания устаревшим, непригодным для христианских государств и безнравственным. По мнению некоторых из них, смертную казнь повсеместно следовало бы заменить пожизненным заключением.

    — Я с вами не согласен, — сказал хозяин-банкир. — Я не пробовал ни смертной казни, ни пожизненного заключения, но если можно судить a priori, то, по-моему, смертная казнь нравственнее и гуманнее заключения. Казнь убивает сразу, а пожизненное заключение медленно. Какой же палач человечнее? Тот ли, который убивает вас в несколько минут, или тот, который вытягивает из вас жизнь в продолжение многих лет?

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    PART I

    It was a dark autumn night. The old banker paced up and down his study, thinking of the party he had given in the autumn fifteen years before. Many clever men had been at that party, and the conversation had been interesting. One of the subjects they had talked of was the death penalty. The guests, among whom were many learned men and several journalists, were mostly against capital punishment. They considered this form of penalty out of date, not justifiable in a Christian State and immoral. In the opinion of many, capital punishment ought to be replaced everywhere by solitary confinement for life.

    “I do not agree with you there,” the host said. “I have neither tried the death penalty nor solitary confinement, but if one may judge a priori, in my opinion to condemn a man to death is more moral and more humane than solitary confinement. An executioner kills at once, solitary confinement kills gradually. Which executioner is more humane, he who kills with one stroke or he who takes away your life, little by little, during long years?”

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    Text on video:
    Привет! Это мой родной город Алма-Ата. Здесь я родилась и выросла.

    Он очень красивый и зелёный, в парках и цветах. А вокруг – горы.

    А это мой университет. Здесь я получила диплом учителя русского языка.

    А это совсем другой город. Город, в котором я живу и работаю сейчас.

    Он называется Астана. Это новая столица Казахстана, в самом сердце Евразии.

    Здесь жаркое лето и холодная, снежная, долгая зима. Например, вот такая.

    А это мои студенты. Из Америки, Австралии и Нидерландов.

    Из Великобритании и Канады. Они все такие неповторимо разные!

    И даже из загадочного Сингапура. И все такие талантливые и интересные!

    Их объединяет одно – все они любят и знают «великий и могучий»  русский язык! 
    See another website for learners: russianclasses.ru


    Russian language in Astana