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    "We have been studying Russian with Galiya for 8 months, at an intermediate level, and have found her to be an excellent teacher. Galiya keeps her lessons interesting by interspersing stories, songs, and videos with more technical grammar subjects, and by using a variety of text books and source materials. We have no hesitation in recommending Galiya as one of the best teachers for foreigners in Astana, and we hope you enjoy your lessons with her.”

    Rebecca de Vos, Hubert de Vos

    September, 2002


    "I have had a wonderful and educational year learning from Galiya Suleimenova. In my experience at Harvard University, learning Spanish and Greek, and being tutored in other languages, Galiya is one of the best teachers I have met. Her curriculum is well-rounded, emphasizing communication, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. She prepares her own lessons and pulls in many different resources in these lessons. She also makes lessons enjoyable and exciting."

    Richard Joseph Goodier II 

    June, 2003 


    "It is my privilege to recommend Galiya Suleimenova as a teacher of Russian as a foreign language. I studied Russian with Galiya for one academic year and our lessons were interesting, creative but most of all useful.

    Galiya is very organized and creative teacher. She has good lesson plans which provide structure for learning the language. She knows Russian very well and is skilled at explaining the basics as well as the intricacies of the language. Galiya’s biggest strength, especially when compared to other Russian teachers, is her patience and encouragement.”

    Shane Bauman, Canadian Inter-Varsity Volunteer

    April, 2004


    "Galiya prepares her own materials, and delivers them at a flexible and comfortable pace. Galiya is a trained teacher with years of teaching experience, and is fully able to teach Russian to students at any level – from absolute beginners to students of Russian literature. She is creative and varied in her approach, striking a helpful balance between grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our three years of studying Russian under her have been extremely enjoyable, interesting and beneficial.”

    Dr Martin YK Lee, Mrs Diana Lee

    June, 2010


    "This letter is my personal recommendation for Galiya Suleimenova as a teacher of Russian as a foreign language. I studied Russian with Galiya from September 2008 to December 2010. 

    Galiya is a dedicated, thoughtful and highly talented Russian teacher. During the last two years, I have found Galiya to be a patient and encouraging teacher. It has been a pleasure to study Russian with her, and I have certainly had an extremely positive and enjoyable language learning experience.

    Her lessons are excellent, balancing a good foundation in grammar with practicing useful vocabulary and phrases. Galiya fully understands the needs of non-native speakers, making use of interesting source material and creating interactive lessons. Also, she is able to adapt her lessons to include topics relevant to the student’s interests. These provide stimulating discussions and are particularly motivating for the individual."

    Joy Shannon 

    December, 2010


    "I have had several Russian language teachers, both in the U.S. and Central Asia, over the years. Galiya Suleimenova is far and away the best and I feel very lucky to have found her when I arrived in Astana to begin my Fulbright Fellowship in January 2011. Almost six months later, my reading level has significantly improved, and I’ve made solid progress in both my conversational and writing abilities. Without Galiya’s systematic and sympathetic instruction, this would definitely not have happened. Although I still have much to learn, I feel much more confident in my language ability.

    Our conversation was lively and we laughed a lot together, even as I mangled the instrumental case. I always left feeling tired, but happy at the progress I had made. I hope to continue taking lessons with Galiya via Skype after my return to the U.S. She’s an outstanding teacher, and I hope others will have the benefit of her excellent instruction."

    David H. Mould, Ph.D.

    Professor of Media Arts & Studies, Ohio University, U.S.A.

    Fulbright Senior Scholar in Journalism & Mass Communication 

    June, 2011


    "I strongly recommend that anyone who is interested in learning Russian use Galiya Suleimenova as a teacher. I've been attending classes via skype with Galiya for one year and my Russian has greatly improved. Taking the lessons via skype is very convenient and comfortable. Before coming to Galiya, I tried Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, and various Russian teaching books, however, I learned more in just a few lessons than these methods provided. There is no substitute for having someone that actually understands the language helping you directly. I would also like to add that Galiya is always punctual for our lessons and provides great feedback. It's also worth mentioning that Galiya has a great understanding of English and clearly explains the true meaning of phrases and expressions very understandably. From these lessons I have learned about Russian culture and details about Russian life that are very interesting. I started lessons with Galiya in August of 2010 and plan to continue taking lessons until my Russian is perfect."

    Tom Schuster, Network Architect

    August, 2011


    "I used Galiya for Russian Language lessons from July 2010 to December 2011. Galiya is an excellent teacher, and I made considerable progress in my Russian Language skills due to her tuition."

    Paul Fenby, Vice-President Finance, BG Kazakhstan

    February, 2012


    "Galiya is perhaps one of the best language teachers I have encountered in my academic life. I studied Russian under her tutelage from August to December 2012 in Astana during my husband's short-term assignment in Kazakhstan. Her teaching style is such that lessons are tailor-fitted to my learning curve and capability. Having had zero knowledge in the language when I started, she has equipped me with the necessary communication tool needed to get by in my everyday life in the city in a short period of time. I especially liked that she puts emphasis on learning the proper grammar, syntax, and pronunciation. Furthermore, her obvious enthusiasm as a teacher has made me look forward to our lessons and has gifted me with a renewed appreciation in learning another language."

    Vida Guarin-Dimaano, BG Kazakhstan

    December, 2012


    "I've studied Russian with Galiya for about two years and am extremely cognizant of how privileged I am to have found a teacher of her caliber. I do not believe that I could feel more fortunate.  Galiya's knowledge of Russian structure and grammar and her seemingly infinite patience and kindness make an ideal environment in which to learn such a  complex and fascinating language.  She understands how to teach Russian to a foreigner and any student that engages her as their teacher is, I believe, being given the opportunity to study the language ideally."


    Jeremy Thigpen

    January, 2013


    "I have been taking Russian lessons with Galiya Suleimonova on a regular basis from summer 2012 to summer 2013 at least once a week and sometimes on a more intense base up to four times a week. I enjoyed my teaching experience with Galiya Suleimonova very much. She is a very patient and was very accommodating for my language needs. What I enjoyed the most was here readiness to employ new media and technology to benefit our inclass experience. She used email, Skype, and personalized digital text-files and worksheets to support our classes. She always had targeted class material and supported me using it right of my tablet in our lessons. She understood my high commitment in my job at the university and targeted therefor homework assignments to a manageable minimum and enforced my sometimes only very little work in a very positive sense. She always made me feel good about my learning progress and I assume this way accelerated my learning quite significantly. After a year with her, I feel comfortable navigating daily challenges in Russian and in my not always international work environment. I thank Galiya Suleimonova very much for the time she invested in me and can highly recommend her as a Russian teacher and tutor."


    Ulrich Norbisrath

    August, 2013


    "I have had the pleasure to have Galiya Suleimenova as my Russian teacher for now almost two years, and have been very satisfied with the progress I have made and the professionalism she has as teacher. I came to Astana to work without any knowledge of the language, and have gradually progressed in my Russian skills ever since.

    For anyone with a need or wish to learn the Russian language, I can only give my best recommendations to Galiya. I have private lessons three times a week, which gives me a great continuity in my progress. For each lesson Galiya prepares personally tailored written notes which has a good diversification between grammar, texts and dialogs, and allows me, not only speak the language, but also to understand the important grammatical rules. 

    The method used for learning is ideal as it takes origin in my personal needs. I feel the progress over the past two years has been tremendous, despite the fact that I don’t have much time for homework. Should you wish to learn Russian in a fast and professional way, Galiya seems to be the answer."


    Kasper Kirk

    January, 2014


    "It is a privilege to recommend Galiya Suleimenova as a teacher of Russian as a foreign language. I have been studying Russian with Galiya for nearly six months now and I enjoyed each and every of the two weekly hours. The significant improvements I have made are the logical consequence of her didactically structured lessons and her patient way of teaching. I therefore highly recommend Galiya as a teacher to Russian students of any language level. Students will not only improve their language skills but will also get to know a very friendly person with whom it is much fun to learn the language with."


    Marc F.

    February, 2019


    "From 2011 to 2015 I took Russian lessons with Galiya once per week via Skype. I took intermediate conversation lessons with her to keep my Russian skills active. Galiya is extremely passionate about teaching the Russian language. We had many interesting discussions over the years about history and current events which was  a great challenge from a grammatical and vocabulary perspective. I had the pleasure of meeting Galiya in person in Astana in 2013 and she welcomed me very enthusiastically in her city. I can highly recommend Galiya."

    Otto ten Bosch

    May, 2020