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Bridge to Russian - Learn Russian and have fun.

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  • Levels of learning of the Russian language

    The courses I offer are designed to make the student proficient in all four areas of language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Below is a list of what you can expect to learn at any given level of study. 

    These are merely outlines of what I teach. Your course will be tailored to suit your individual needs. You may begin at the level that makes you comfortable, and we will proceed at a pace that is right for you.

    Russian Level 1 - Introductory

    The introductory program has been designed for students possessing zero knowledge of Russian and for those who know just a few words.

    Stage 1: You will be introduced to the Russian alphabet and about 300 new words. We will study basic grammar and work on competent pronunciation, spelling, and reading. You will be able to understand colloquial and written Russian connected with household situations and real events occurring in daily life.

    Stage 2: We will continue to practice the vocabulary and grammar introduced in the first stage, and begin to study verb tenses and the case system. You will learn over 300 more new expressions, and you will be able to understand Russian speech and reply more quickly.

    Russian Level 2 - Basic

    The basic program has been designed to allow students who have passed the introductory stage to accelerate their knowledge of the Russian language. The course includes cases, verbs of motion, prefixed verbs of motion, verbal aspects, complex sentences, direct and indirect speech. 

    Stage 1: You will improve your vocabulary in the sphere of everyday situations as we cover more than 400 new expressions. Thus verbs of the perfective and imperfective aspects, adverbs, pronouns, adjectives, and nouns are all actively used in speech. After this stage you will understand a significant amount of grammar, and you will begin to speak more quickly.

    Stage 2: At this stage you will learn most of the rules of grammar (including degrees of comparison, participles, participial constructions, and verbal adverb constructions). You will be able to understand the gist of the information heard on TV or read in the newspaper.

    Stage 3: Your conversation will become very active, and you will be able to speak even more quickly. You will understand almost all the rules of grammar. We will read and discuss adapted texts from Russian authors.

    Russian Level 3 - Intermediate

    The intermediate program is for students who have grasped the basic lessons and are ready to perfect their understanding of the Russian language.

    You will perfect your knowledge of the case system, the use of tenses and verbal aspects, and verbs of motion with and without prefixes. The emphasis is on complex grammar and speaking, and you will improve your vocabulary in the sphere of everyday situations. We will read and discuss adapted texts from Russian authors.

    Russian Level 4 - Advanced

    At this stage you will have free possession of spoken Russian in different situations, a large vocabulary, and full knowledge of grammar. You will have the opportunity to read literature in the Russian language, and you will be able to conduct professional activity in Russian.


    My teaching schedule is flexible so we can easily set up a time for lessons that is mutually convenient. I will supply you with study materials, exercises, idioms and short stories, grammar charts, audio and video files, etc. by e-mail. 

    The price for any level is 10 USD per 45 minutes. I accept payment by Western Union or by Moneybookers (excepting US citizens).

    Contact me for your free lesson and get started today! 

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